Royal Spa Brass

RSB Development Bands

BB ensemble at Leamington Parkrun

BB ensemble at Leamington Parkrun

Royal Spa Brass Development Bands

MD: Emily Stewart-White

Brass Roots

Thursdays, 5.30-6.15

Brass Roots is our beginner band and is designed for complete beginners of ANY age.

The majority of brass players begin on either the cornet or the trombone although there are many options. At Royal Spa Brass we are very lucky to have a stock of good quality instruments which are available for loan. The tutors at Royal Spa Brass are able to offer advice and guidance on choosing which instrument to learn.

Once members reach approximately Grade 3 standard, they are given the opportunity to move up to our Intermediate Band - Buddin' Brass.

Buddin' Brass

Thursdays, 6.30-7.45

Buddin' Brass is our intermediate band. It's a great way for intermediate brass and percussion players to develop their musical abilities and to enjoy playing together with others in an ensemble.

Buddin' Brass has its own schedule of events and public appearances throughout the year. You might also spot members supporting the Senior Band at small band gigs in the Christmas and Summer seasons!