About Royal Spa Brass

Royal Spa Brass is all about the enjoyment of making music, with an emphasis on brass and percussion playing. We provide performance and learning opportunities for players of all levels of experience and ability, from complete beginners through to virtuoso soloists.

We are a voluntary, non-profit making organisation, with a proud history stretching back to the early 1900s. Our permanent home is at The Band Factory in Althorpe Street, Old Town Leamington Spa. It is a fantastic facility with large rehearsal space, practice rooms, recreational space, kitchen, and its own car park.

We have one of the best modern brass music libraries in the country (upwards of 1100 titles), some wonderful percussion instruments, and a large stock of fine brass instruments purchased with the help of grants from The Arts Council Lottery Funding and The Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

Whoever you are, and whatever your capabilities, you can play your part in our activities - you don't have to be a brilliant musician to join in. There are no auditions or tests. The only thing we ask is that you commit to working hard and to enjoying yourself! Over the years, many hundreds of local people have enjoyed banding with Royal Spa Brass.

In addition to the regular rehearsals for our various bands and ensembles we run special projects and activities including workshops, masterclasses and frequent concerts and public performances. The more experienced Royal Spa Brass players are always on hand to provide encouragement and help to those just starting out.

We currently run the following bands:


Royal Spa Brass

Royal Spa Brass is the town brass band of Leamington Spa. Our work is focused on producing entertaining musical performances. They range from high profile concerts in major local venues such as the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa Town Hall, Warwick Arts Centre and Warwick Castle to more informal events and public appearances in the community in local parks, village halls and churches.

Royal Spa Brass is currently in the process of appointing a new Musical Director. Watch this space for news!

Our rehearsals are on Tuesday evening from 19:00 till 21:00 in the Band Factory.

Click here for our full events calendar.

If you are interested in joining or booking Royal Spa Brass, please contact us.


Royal Spa Brass (Small Ensemble)

On occasions where the full 35+ piece brass band is a little too much we send out a small ensemble made up of members of the Senior Band, with a few of our Intermediate members thrown in for good measure!

We often play in parks and at smaller venues, including private and corporate events.

We can tailor the performance to suit your needs, contact us if you are interested!


Buddin' Brass

Buddin' Brass is a great way for intermediate brass and percussion players to develop their musical abilities and to enjoy playing together with others in an ensemble.

Learning to play a musical instrument is a very rewarding undertaking with the potential for great satisfaction from achieving a good standard. It is essential that throughout the learning process experienced and enthusiastic support is on hand to provide encouragement and help.

The Buddin' Brass players have their own schedule of events and public appearances.

Buddin' Brass rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings, from 18:30 till 19:30 at the Band Factory.

If you are interested in joining Buddin' Brass, please contact us.


Brass Roots

Brass Roots is our Junior Band and is designed for complete beginners of ANY age.

Beginner lessons are provided in tuition workshops which cater for small groups of players with little or no experience. As experience and confidence grow, players quickly reach the point where they are ready to participate in the ensemble session where the emphasis is very much on the rehearsal and performance of more challenging arrangements.

One of the things you need when learning to play is obviously an instrument! At Royal Spa Brass we are very lucky to have a stock of good quality instruments which are available for loan. The tutors at Royal Spa Brass will be able to offer advice and guidance on choosing which instrument to learn. The majority of brass players begin on either the cornet or the trombone although there are many options.

Once our Brass Roots members reach approximately Grade 3 standard, they are given the opportunity to move up to our Intermediate Band - Buddin' Brass.

If you are interested in joining Brass Roots, please contact us.



Believe it or not we have an oompah band!

Check out www.royalspabrass.com/oompah for more details.


Solo Bugler

We have a number of individuals at our disposal who are able to come and play LAST POST & REVEILLE at formal functions.

We already work very closely with the Leamington & Warwick branches of the Royal British Legion, providing our services for free to official RBL events.

Contact us if you are interested.